Not Even the Sky!

SSE is at the forefront of industry-leading innovation as it reinforces its commitment to augment its dedicated R&D base.

Amidst our unwavering focus on launching newer and better versions of transformers at affordable prices, to ensure complete customer satisfaction, we have not lost sight of our future endeavors and are set to explore newer territories by entering the oil & gas segment.


An investment of $170 million on:

  • Augmenting existing facilities to produce 500 units/day of immersed distribution transformers of assorted ratings up to 200kVA, 30 units/day of 1500kVA (average rating) oil-immersed distribution transformers and 6 units/day of 8MVA (average rating) 33/11kVA medium power transformers (full facility will be up and running by April 2018)
  • Develop full-spectrum facility for fabrication, short blasting and CSM surface treatment meeting all fabrication needs for the 1500 ton complete fabrication plant – to be operational in April 2018
  • Manufacturing 3D core oil-immersed medium distribution and power transformers and power transformers (33kVa/500kVA) – by April 2018
  • Producing MV Switchgears and Capacitors by 2020
  • 132 kV and 220 Kv EHV Power Transformers – up to 200 MVA (Phase I) – plant to be operational by 2020
  • Augment Power Transformer facility (Phase II) up to 440kV, 500 mVA –plant to be operational by 2025
  • Entry into Hydrocarbons within the overarching theme of expanding its presence in the complete gamut of Oil & Gas sector by 2025, which includes:
  • Exploration: Acquire rights; Information gathering and analysis; Testing and development drilling; Developing operating agreement; Field development
  • Production: Drilling; Competition; Recovery; Field Operation
  • Transportation: Transportation of crude/product from producer/storage to consumer/storage
  • Refining/Gas Processing/Petrochemicals: Raw gas & crude processing; Operations; Maintenance; Blending; Production of refined usable product


As a futuristic industry leader, we believe in reading future challenges beforehand in order to sharpen our competitive edge.

Barytes Trading

Barium is found in a combined state, primarily known as BARITES. Its high specific gravity makes it an invaluable part in oil-well drilling activities.