Today, infrastructure must interact with stakeholders at every stage of the supply chain to provide customers greater autonomy over the electricity they use.

At SSE, we take pride in our world-class infrastructure that spans across an area of 30,000 sq. meters, one of the biggest in Asia. Equally, our facilities for CRGO core slitting, cutting and wound core loop forming with amorphous metal are second to none.

SSE delivers technologically advanced products & solutions at competitive prices – by building automation and augmenting fleet management.

This helps our customers to know more, do more and do better – together.  

Embracing a futuristic vision, we sharpen our competitive edge by anticipating and tackling challenges faster than anybody else. As a result, we are able to reduce manufacturing lead times and guarantee top-class quality right from the procurement of raw material.

Our penchant for harnessing innovative methodologies encourages us to invest in backward integration – bestowing the unique ability to manufacture all our components in-house – thereby leapfrogging power efficiency and minimizing energy wastage.


The manufacturing facility of SSE situated in the Industrial Development Park, Kadapa, houses 4 units which also have one ultra large scale SOTA plant spread over an extent of 16 Acres with a build up area of over one million square feet.


The equipments housed in SSE are custom designed which is an outcome from a team of highly experienced individuals who put-together a highly sophisticated design with extremely simplified operation centric systems focusing on the ease of usage.


The experts at SSE put-together bring over a century of working expertise in design, development, manufacturing and execution which has helped SSE maneuver through several inconsistencies to achieve the best in its class. The execution being the backbone of the industry, SSE engages over 1000 employees for its projects.


The expanse of the facility creates an environment to rightly provide a harmonious ecosystem to its employees to unwind and resume work.


SSE has a staff of over 100 to ensure the day to day operations are continuously and efficiently performed. They are spread across 6 locations to coordinate the manufacturing and execution of the projects.

Storage Facility

Manufactured transformers and their parts are safely stacked in a storage area which is spread across 75,000 square feet.


SSE’s fleet is one of the most efficiently managed to ensure the projects being executed receive all the required products and components on time at the location.


Food facility at SSE provides all required timely meals to its employees in its industry. The food provided is taken care of with high monitoring to meet the quality standards.