Barytes Trading

Barytes are naturally occurring barium sulphates with nodular particle structure which comes in extra super snow white (ESSW) and off color (Brown/Gray). A fine free flow powder, Barytes is insoluble in water and has low oil absorption capability. This coupled with strong crystalline structure and high refractive index helps it to impart strength. Barytes contains minimum 93 to 97% Barium Sulphate and are available in Lumps & Powder form, and in different types such as Off-White, Snow-White, Super Snow-White and Extra Super Snow-White Color and in a fineness of up to 700 mesh (Max 0.5 % Retention on Sieve).


Sp. Gravity 4.4

Hardness 3 to 3.5 (Mohs)

Oil absorption value 10%

Moisturemax 0.5% by wt (105 deg .c)

Water soluble mattermax o.5% pH of 10%

aqueous suspension 6 to 8

Refractive index 1.64


 Industrial Applications:

Barytes is supplied in crude/lump form. Barytes, after suitable grinding and pulverizing, has many uses. It is mainly used in oil-well drilling and it is estimated that 90% of the barytes produced in the world is used only for drilling purposes. It is also found useful in the manufacture of white pigment or extender in pigments and barium chemicals, in the glass industry and as filler in rubber, leather, textile and paper goods.

Painting Industry:

In dope and painting, it can be used as filling and can take the place of some expensive material such as basofor, crypton, titanium dioxide, activity, monox etc. Control the viscosity of the paint compatibly to make the products with bright color, good stability.

Plastic Industry:

In plastic industry, it is used as the filling of plastic ABS to make the products with bright color. It also can improve the intensity, stiffness and abrasive resistance.

Rubber Industry:

In rubber industry, the products less than 500 mesh can be used as the filling of rubber products to save cost. It can improve the intensity, and acid, alkali, and water proof, and also has benefit for the Natural Rubber and Synthetic Rubber.

Pharmaceutical Industry:

In medicine, it can be used as barium meal material for the intestines and stomach reflection, and also the filling for plaster and dope to extend the time limit.

Paper-Making Industry:

In the papermaking industry, high-refined barites powder can be used as the filling of white paperboard and coat paper, improve the whiteness and percentage of coverage.

Cosmetics Industry:

In cosmetics, it can be a substitute of titanium dioxide, for its white and gentle, and harmless to the skin Application Factors affecting demand General Oil industry (84%) Growing demand for oil drilling and filler.