Land your feet on the right soil and watch the transformation unfold.

Will we win the race to cut down carbon emissions? Will eco-friendly transformers really allow transformation in the way we create, distribute and utilise power?

At SSE, we know these questions are important. And at SSE, we are determined to find the answers.

But then, no memorable war was ever fought alone.

That is why, to make a real difference, we need you!

What you can expect from a life at SSE is opportunity. We make sure you unlock your full potential – using proven talent management practices.

As we tackle some of the most challenging issues facing us, you will have the opportunity to challenge your limits and broaden your horizons.

No matter what your role, you can be sure you are helping create a better world.

For us to sharpen our innovative edge, we invite people who have the passion for technology and are dedicated to doing better every single day.

We encourage collaboration at all stages, encourage you to initiate, change, share new ideas and be at the front and centre of the future, today.

So to join a family of connectors, explorers and achievers.

We Will Give You:

  • Skills for life: how to solve problems, how to adapt to change, and how to tough it out in the face of adversity
  • The chance to work with people who will become your second family
  • A workplace that’s never boring
  • The opportunity to make someone’s day, every day
  • Rewards and recognition as you blaze your own trail and ignite your career

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